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Over 300+ varieties to choose from, including those rarely found in markets.

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We guarantee your harvest was still in the soil less than 6 hours before delivery.

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Why Barley Oats?

How it Works

Step 1

Rent plot(s) to grow crops.

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Step 2

Choose from 300+ crops to grow.

Beans 3d45849f2ceb448e91d6f282afb6d5f02befaf155ada655208a91fc8fccc1b60 Beets c41b464ec9cac587b4dec89f06651aa2873d10e11331a032f8b20fb1307b9cc0 Broccoli 1e10ec3682b832b013bb01cbf6a13a1c935ba70382a10b8b893a0dee69b8ff0a Brussels sprouts a90952ca71ea02b054c074ac402dcefba4f92008ceee764d8f66ce3b8158aa2f Cabbage b4724d18ba74fdeac69045312d55bf7cd83d8b0bda519af579214b77d924eadd
Carrots c17eaead8e3a6bf8c8e95effbbe9b1330d0d6d1ea70a2b57ed3d4642bf4b80c7 Cauliflower b28d84318001e7246ac8ee4369c0ffef7a0297f92db5b6c9a1210c329ca18125 Chard 3d03fa84c12c30749e3450cf7abef50cc9a1eaea31c4cde86e1dec5e52b77864 Collards 03e459877c7bd87e5e0d46cae8c556cb7d16ec9c381bb46a868a555de1e2b351 Cucumbers e55735feb3e55288a6348a8b3445debfed99e97864eedfd95c758593c6853912
Eggplants d091725fb18a1144c8dc6420ed0034eb6392e42f8717b97fa8ca653c4417b01d Greens 1c7d886ec6d989784a5bb61f96d8331e4f935c8fc45c3bae604a54e54da933bc Herbs 4524a6f9b24b4ae6e442b76cff72a1ca3ac8e314099701dbd1c5deb71c574d78 Kale 164c8ee37c203375b6fca79c131ce2882e02bbdeef602658a8c213e2468d612a Kohlrabi 996fc6e422893ab3cc2e3f8d218c6b87ca3fdef474ffde9017b532060af862d0
Leeks bf8709f4ce5fa0fa7d7432e42281c51265fce4e40eb470ba7d335f38f5280426 Lettuce 6b819c51e701fef9cae63d3ae7f86febbf6f5a3138d0de14c695d35fd0b84966 Melons d50f8d604f36c5d0372b3880525b613664512996d489cecf3728cdc4c056bb48 Okra aabd87d67df3978d90fb6d28046795af9029d5206b980a9e2f9f5b046481cc4c Onions 0b2b1c18738963faac0a0c8af869451972e065cada9e9936b62b63ad52b5ba2c
Peas 1b7f0dab05d230ad89589c2c406fbe09a330564488e577969fb528df399ef457 Peppers 8e75f682c3abf4938f1923477c95e1fa14dcaf63565ef6248cd9decffa6e8f95 Radish 7b02c14bacfe67dc39541cc26b164c34b966697bb7c5e2365fa439b64f19139a Shoots 88c728478508d055479a9a5b90df0449cea41d2d4edb54e3d5fd74f56da4dc1a Spinach 97082143f31878d776492d951104016ee1d983347463c25691a6f866d98cdd71

Step 3

Watch your crops grow online. We'll do all the hard work for you.

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Step 4

When it's ready, we'll harvest your crop and deliver it fresh to you.

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A custom farm built just for you.


crop breeds to choose from.

Including tasty heirloom types and unique varieties rarely found in markets. All organic seeds.

See all crop varieties

83.8 lbs

of produce per 4x4 ft. plot per year.

That's the average yield achieved using our "intensive gardening" techniques.

Learn about yields


your crops online.

Can't use it all? Sell it back to us and get money back. No waste, no hassle.

Learn about selling


more fresh organic produce.

Need more? Our online shop also sells surplus crops and responsibly grown produce from other farmers.

See what's available

The Spring Lineup is Here!

Akasanjaku bean eab00b8a87777d808547db6c7afd1589fb9423647cb8ea4921ce5fc55e4a5258

Organic Akasanjaku Yard Bean

Glacier tomato 0f84cf47c70c0bc19f7bc2eee01c1f9f3283f3dfb5acf34cf0f42fc5c20fae49

Organic Glacier Tomato

Prudens purple 9abee891aa8208e4cf7ba3c29ae692a4c6e158035ee67c93babfff85368a5c29

Organic Pruden's Purple Tomato

Garlic chives 7a5478c54e5ca82374357e6ed34480bf3be51a50decdbf90dab5a3042c9fab7f

Organic Garlic Chives

Stocky red roaster 9e8d82e3faec760a0a13f2519104a047e5614b75c092dfeece821b44256c3a6f

Organic Stocky Red Roaster Pepper

Indigo apple c1712e0f0406e7ca18d87a589c67d3cc142f2c7af526ded8a8773dd233ed89d4

Organic Indigo Apple Tomato

Black beauty eggplant eda812d24f56251cfa59677d683fec91234343b0db0274f967ac4cf513654335

Organic Black Beauty Eggplant

Dario zucchini bfe47c1b8a433ccf1a7ffc63ccbb238c954ffce55331a4dfaaeab663641f9584

Organic Dario Zucchini

Yellow pear 236b67ae3432262d8df0ccc4bd29080f92c6a06d3567db4e2ca736d0bec2557a

Organic Yellow Pear Tomato

Cylindra beet 389e4d8bb314cce2a38e3bce1a8edae54ec899e549ed808687714848439433c8

Organic Cylindra Beet

Ring o fire pepper 0136b9952a8f8da60436b784d2223ceec467befbfb6936f89aab6b26e5631b92

Organic Ring-O-Fire Pepper

Clemson okra ed7ae8cb6519c6b4277a5449c9f309e7613a8df7b03003ee2d22380e1c0a927c

Organic Clemson Spineless Okra

Garnet giant c2d7021a276fd9f2362e19d6743243cc4d9d77b879b4907c419e78fef36991b1

Organic Garnet Giant

Skyway 861f3815a388d9b96e8343908342c73e0bac34785e7255aef763549a9ee49e3c

Organic Skyway Tomato

Genovese basil 1b23da00efc4dc820e5854b76a9cafedb3979a918a5df7a0d98f4ab319cddf06

Organic Genovese Basil

Unavailable 7f7d9129b0537deb5ccdf9bc9da173d73a1ad3c046b1cab9fa769272caa5f3d6

Organic Round Purple Eggplant

Rutgers tomato e77281d0bc5dbe18e44372e416db073209ebddbdad66f223c7fc1798a81c3f57

Organic Rutgers Tomato

Roma 337d3fa98a0805bb1ab2aa9e40ccaaee2a228528d7d3a1bb5798960d2654a55c

Organic Roma Paste Tomato

Indigo rose 439aedccec6d0ca1432c755be53884fe24ea4faca2a3df6a26cd8cdb12c57559

Organic Indigo Rose Tomato

Rudolf ee4dfafd63cdc6bf8d2bb7216bf4a756be206a3a438ac54f3137ee4495dfaa92

Organic Rudolf Radish

Manage the farm from your fingertips.

Our easy to use web app allows you to view and manage all your crops

Choose your crops

Browse our vast catalog of unique crops, complete with descriptions and pictures

Monitor crop progress

Watch your crops grow from seed to harvest day by day. A plot timelapse will be snapshot every week

View growth statistics

We provide you all sorts of stats: days to harvest, yield history, success rate and much more

Anticipate your harvest

Stay informed on which crops will be delivered weekly.

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Pay by the month.

Instead of paying produce by the pound, we give you a piece of land to grow as much as you want. Ready, set, grow!

Flat monthly rate per plot.

Start anytime. Cancel anytime.

Make money back by selling unused crops.

Buy more produce using our online market.

Environmental Pledge

Doing it the right way.

Barley Oats was founded on the idea that food, health, and environment can be balanced in harmony. We pledge to deliver you high quality produce while doing it the right, organic way. No short cuts, ever.

Locally and Organically Grown

No Synthetic Pesticides and Fertilizers

Hand grown and harvested, no heavy machinery

Crop rotation and diversity over monocrop farms

Our buyback program minimizes food waste